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Jardin Academy, an All-Girls School founded centuries ago. A prestigeous academy seeped in tradition only the richest and most influential or the most brilliant are accepted into it's walls. It's located within a large city called Verao which, like the school, is home to the wealthy and influential. It's campus are expansive, the school building is huge, and the curriculum is top notch. The school colors are silver and black and the school's crest is a rose.

Grade Levels
First Year - Freshman
Second Year - Sophmore
Third Year - Junior
Fourth Year - Senior

Image The Uniform:
The Jardin uniform consists of a black pleated skirt with a silver hem that reaches just above the knees. A white and black jacket with gold buttons is worn over longsleeved, black blouse in the summer and a simple, short sleeved white blouse in the winter. Two gold wrist cuffs on each sleeve with a cream colored sailor collar. Thigh high black socks; the outdoor shoes are black Mary Janes, and the indoor shoes white. Hair accessories like ribbons are allowed, as well as light adornments. However forms of flashy jewelry and makeup are not allowed. Upon enrollment in the academy all students are issued a ring which must be worn ((on a chain instead of a hand is exceptable)) at all times. The rings are all silver with an onyx rose crest on it. All except for those of the student council.

Academy Anthem
We're all flowers in bloom
In this garden let's find the knowledge and courage
That leads us up to the sun

Let's you and I not walk alone
Side by side I pray we'll grow
And in these walls where brightly the future gleams
Find the strength that grants our dreams

We're all flowers in bloom
In this place let's find the knowledge and courage
That leads us to the sun
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