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Jan 19th, 2018, 9:06pm

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« Thread started on: Dec 7th, 2008, 2:15pm »

Annie feels nervous as she heads towards the stables
why the hell am I nervous, me, veteran of the Siluna wars, scared about getting on a big, stinking, stupid quadruped...
she shrugs, setting her face and marching towards the stable, annoyed that her colleagues talked her into this
Everyone here does it they said, you need to fit in they said, fit in my arse
She's wrapped up warm in a grey cloak, her hands are cased in black gloves and as ever, she's dressed in her dress military uniform.
Everyone here wears a uniform, so she might as well go some way to fit in...

She enters the stable
the smell slaps her in the face and her eyes narrow
she looks around the stable, at the strange beasts before her, then she sees hers
she was told to look for a big grey one with black spots on its bum, and she heads towards it.
The stable boy has already fitted her horse out with the custom saddle she had to have made for her.
She doesn't see why she needs her own, but according to her colleagues she does.
Of course, it's a saddle designed for a fighting horse, it's in black leather wth two bags hanging off the side and hanging off the right side seems to be some sort of holster for a long rifle
Zsaryn snorts at the thought of firing a ZS10 from such an unstable position...
The mount looks jerky enough to see her, never mind the noise of battle...
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