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Jan 19th, 2018, 9:01pm

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Ramona Leonite
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xx *~Ramona Leonite~*
« Thread started on: Jul 22nd, 2008, 06:37am »

Name:~Ramona Leonite


User Image

Hair:~Long golden curly hair, that never seems to appear out of place.

Eyes:~Enticing green that makes her emotions very hard to read. Or even to check if everything or anything she says is a joke or her being blunt.

Species:~If you can't tell by her picture she is a proud kitsune. But being 'proud' can make her a bit arrogant at times. Okay not a 'bit'... majority of the times.

Marks:~She has a scar on her backside that she likes to keep hidden. In her hometown it is said that she possesses a small demon inside of her. Shun and kicked to the side she has grew up in a harsh environment, and yet even so many shunned her away... they were scared of her. And she knows~ Only Ramona knows of this 'demon' her people have spoken about. And to be honest... nobody could be more farther than the truth. But why doesnt Ramona tell anyone? Simple, if she did they wouldnt be scared of her anymore. One brave fox almost got so close to discovering the truth until she pushed him back and ranaway in hide out, in Jardin. She rethinks everything through and decides whether she should... or not return to her homeland.

Turn ons:~
~Bad attitude (If she is to be in love with someone that person must be able to hold their own ground against her.)
~Piercings (Shes a huge sucker for piercings... so naughty!)
~Sexy (Who wouldnt be turned on?)
~Playful taunts (Gets her in the 'mood')
~Soft caresses (Makes her shiver and shes under your control)

Turn offs:~
~Bad smell (Wont go an inch near you)
~Happy go lucky attitude (Too hypered? Not amused~)
~People who dont listen to her (Doesnt everybody?)
~Compulsive speaker (Lalalalalala....)
~Show offs (Makes her pity you)
~Vegetables (She'd rather starve)

Behavior:~Ramona is the kind of girl that looks innocent... and yet, not? The tiger behind the kitty costume, a wolf behind a puppys. Ramona is the same. At first appearance she seems your average kitsune student, but once you have given her time she will decide then if you amuse her, or if you are another waste of space. Shes not mean, shes actually very nice, in her own way. She uses her wits to tease you left to right and still you wouldnt know she made fun of you. Thats Ramona~ Theres more to her but, me telling you now wouldnt much fun now would it? *grin*

(Signiture to be done later)
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xx Re: *~Ramona Leonite~*
« Reply #1 on: May 14th, 2011, 11:37am »

your character looks interesting wanna meet in garden?
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