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Jan 19th, 2018, 9:04pm

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Jardin Radio Girls

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xx The New Years Eve Extravaganza
« Thread started on: Dec 30th, 2007, 03:09am »

The sound of static resonates then tapers off; slowly following it is a soft whining and whirring as if a station is trying to be found.

"Is this thing on...?" a soft voice questions.

There's tapping as if it's being done on a microphone.

"It's on," is said in reply to the first question and a throat is heard being cleared. "Good morning Jardin! Harmony—"

"—and Discord!" the first voice giggles.

"Your broadcast duo!" they say in unison.

"Gogai! Gogai!" A young girl with a bouncing ponytail runs by the duo and they turn slowly where they sit at the table with the microphone to stare after her.

"Gogai?" Harmony mumbles.

"She's an itern," Discord offers as explanation with a sigh.

A slight moment of silence, then Harmony exclaims, "Listen to all the life! The life on Jardin!"

"It's the winter break." There's the sound of a crowd and then the noise like skates on ice. "Of course with Christmas just past--"

"Hope you all got those new ipods you wanted!"

"--New Years is comming up quick! And you know what that means!"

"A ball!" They both cried out in unison. The sound of a boly whirlign through the air, skates on ice again, and the roaring of a crowd.

"It's a formal wear event ladies and...ladies!" Harmony giggled. "Starting at 8pm and going all the way to the count down of midnight."

"Make sure you bring a date!" Discord picked up with a mischevious tone. "There'll be plenty of dancing and you'll want someone to kiss when the clock hits zero!"

"This has been Harmony--"

"and Discord--!"

"with Jardin Radio."
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