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Jan 19th, 2018, 8:58pm

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xx The Lady's Arrival
« Thread started on: Jan 21st, 2008, 1:18pm »

Her bodyguards were the first ones out of the car. Even though they'd pulled into the school and parked all of ten minutes ago Melisinde had yet to touch a toe to the concrete beyond the leather interior of the limo. She lounged in the back, already dressed in the school uniform, with her hair made up in pale silver curls and crowned with a pair of paler, snow white muffs made of mink fur.

A team had been sent to patrol the area and make sure that there wasn't the least possibility of threat, while another went to check with the school security. There were no risks to be taken with her safety, as not only was her family one of the richest in the world but were also nobility. Attempts had been made on her before, foiled naturally, but attempted none the less. It was another ten minutes before her door was finally opened and the head of her personal security team bowed and informed her that it was safe to emerge. The driver appeared within her vision and offered a gloved hand to help her step down and out of the limo. Snow crunched beneath the heel of her designer boots as she stepped out into the cold air. A maid with dark blond followed her out of the car and went to stand to one side quietly.

A procession of other servants had already started to remove her luggage from the trunk of the car and heard it across the school grounds to the dormitory building. She'd given them the key and Melisinde knew that, by the time she got to her room, it would already be comfortably set up.

"It shouldn't be too much longer Lady Melisinde." The head of her bodyguard's informed her seriously. "I've sent two specialists to check your room while the servants bring in your things."

"That's fine." She responded with a dismissive sweep of her hand. He dissapeared from her side, although not to far, and Melisinde started to pull a pair of gloves down over her fingers as the cold started to seep in. What a horrible cliamte she'd wound up in.
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xx Re: The Lady's Arrival
« Reply #1 on: Nov 26th, 2008, 07:16am »

Annie watches the fracas from the seat of her car and she laughs faintly
"I could think of thirty ways to get past you to your little friend there" she mutters

She knows who this girl is, she's read her file from cover to cover and practically memorised it.
the girl is nobility, practically royalty, a spoiled brat to all accounts.

And now Annie plans to bring her violently into the real world

Annie starts the engine of her own car and she turns the car so that the procession of servants are a little ways in front of her
She guns the throttle suddenly and roars towards them, stopping just before one of them
She thumps the horn loudly
"GET OUT THE WAY!" she shouts
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